Janel Maier has lived in Washington State nearly all her life. She has lived from Vancouver,
in southwestern Washington, to Ione, in the northeastern corner of the state. Most of her
travels and adventures throughout Washington have taken place during her seventeen years
of teaching.

With a B.A. in Drama, a K-12 teaching certificate, 7-12 English endorsement and a M.A. in
Education, Janel has been able to teach a variety of subjects and levels. Her teaching has
included classes from Kindergarten and fourth grade at the elementary level to drama and
English at the secondary level, with a little art and choral music thrown in.

She enjoys language and literature and the challenges they bring on a daily basis with her
English classes. Because of the areas she teaches, editing is not foreign to her. Being
able to help and guide her students in their writing is one of the reasons she teaches.

Janel's hobbies (loves? passions?) include community theatre (whenever she can), singing
(wherever she can), reading (anytime, anywhere), her daughters (always), and two grandkids
(always also).

Currently Janel is living and teaching in the Wenatchee area.